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Four stations High Speed Cylindrical Printer
Item No. - UVP 07
With the maturity of thermos bottle printers and cylinder printers,four stations High Speed Cylindrical Printer meets this requirement in the market.
  • Automatic lifting platform, convenient operation, reduce alignment error
  • Automatic cleaning and spray nozzle moisturizing device ensures the fluency of ink and prevents nozzle plug
  • Stable performance , high accuracy , CE certificate
  • Each equipment printing platform have scale and convenient visual measure or put printing material
  • Use imported LED-UV lamp, cold light source, no radiation, ultra low power consumption, environmental protection and energy saving
With the maturity of thermos bottle printers and cylinder printers, the UV printing technology of cylinders and cones has become quite mature. From the perspective of technology research and development and the beginning of the single-row cylindrical fixture,it has been upgraded to double-row fixtures for color printing back and forth in both directions.There has been a qualitative leap in the printing speed and progress of the cylinder.
The color printing speed of volume printers can print several cylinders per hour and has developed up to 300 per hour.