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Pipe Dividing Machine
Item No. - VFL 008
  • Strong cutting force, available for thin & thick material both.
  • Strong cutting force, not chedge less burr.
  • Safe protection, infrared sensor for hand protection.
  • It is an automatic model, mainly used for the cutting process of stainless steel round pipes for production of cups and pots.
  • The frame part is welded with 6# square tube and A3 panel.
  • The overall steel frame structure of the cutting sliding table is manufactured with good rigidity and long service life.
  • The operation is simple, put the product into the equipment mold, press the start button, and the spindle rotates.
  • Relying on the wheel to push, the cutter pushes the operation to complete the processed product, and it can also cut copper and aluminum.
  • It is an ideal equipment for metal utensil manufacturing and processing enterprises.