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UV Flat Cylinder Printer
Item No. - UVP 012
UV printer with its own ink temperature control system, can be used for glass acrylic, tile, metal plate, cardboard and other printing.
  • With Ricoh ,it has the advantages :
    Long life, high precision, strong wear resistance, low plugging rate
  • Minimum ink drop : 3.5 pl
  • Speed up to 4m2-10m2; It can print according to the printed material different ink drop combination,
  • With automatic flash spray function, it can keep the nozzle unobstructed and is always in good working condition.
Cylinder printing machine, also known as multi-function printing machine, UV printer . It is a in a kind of material surface color printing pattern or text equipment. With computer control, configuration color management software, automatic color, it is a personalized high function printer .It can meet different customer needs, greatly increased the value of the product.