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Control Cabinet (controller & teaching box)
Item No. - ROL 038
Automatic manipulator instead of labor, and has a wilde industrial application, such as palletizing, depalletizing, handling, punching, and unloading in packaging, beverage, chemical, food and other fields.
Mainly Include
Control cabinet (controller & teaching box), SJJTR series servo motor, GE series AC synchronous servo drive unit, hypocycloid crooss roller reducer.
  • Large screen high-definition color screen
    6.4-inch color LCD monitor
  • Intuitive operation interface
    Display by icon Provide users with an intuitive and understanding of the operation
  • Simple operation with function keys
    The user can recall desiredc function from the library and assign it to each function key
  • Using the most advanced RC control system in China, the robot can always optimize the acceleration and deceleration according to the actual load, and shorten the operation cycle time as much as posssible
  • The robot monitors its own movement and load through the built-in service information system(SIS) and optimizes service requirements,and continues to work longer
  • Embedded robot controller: Based on ARM + DSP + FPGA hardware structure, it can control 4-8 axes, and the operation speed can reach 500MIPS. With high-speed motion control fieldbus, Ethernet, RS232. RS485CAN and any interface of DeviceNet, it can realize continuous track teaching and online teaching, with remote monitoring and diagnosis functions
  • Robot field bus: It has high-speed real-time characteristics, breaks through the contradiction between handwidth and real-time performance, and takes into account the characteristics of communication speed and real-time control. Solve the problem of real-time deta interaction between different modules;
  • Dynamic self-talk should recognize control technology: comprehensively apply external forces such as gravity, Gothic force, entrifugal force, etc. The control technology should be identified to improve the dynamics of the robot.