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Horizontal Articulated Robot
Item No. - ROL 039
Automatic manipulator instead of labor, and has a wilde industrial application, such as palletizing, depalletizing, handling, punching, and unloading in packaging, beverage, chemical, food and other fields.
  • High cost performance
    Instead of human labor, it helps you reduce the investment costs effectively , and apply for all kinds of handling, press and other industrial applications.
  • Convenient maintain
    The automatic structure is simple. Using a modular component structure and the combined type deceleration mechanism, it is easy to maintain .When happen to the failure ,it can be quickly maintain and resume production.
  • High reliability
    The manipulator adopts high performance core components, stable and high reliability guarantee ,which can ensure the continuous perform production tasks for a long time
  • Wide Application
    General performance can be widely used in various industries, such as palletizing,depalletizing,handling,punching and other. hot forging, stamping and loading industry.
  • Flexible arrangement
    Its production connection mode can be adjusted. It can quickly realize the flexible production and the subsequent scheme change design and expand its application.
In the fields of electronic product industry, plastic industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry, it can complete operations such as grasping, assembling, and gluing.