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Thermal Transfer Printing Machine
Item No. - VFL 075
  • An electronic controller IC integrated multifunction procedures to ensure that the machine to flat stamping, roll stamping, flat stamping, and round surface, such as a multi-purpose pressure round running
  • Gilding press elbow mechanism design, less compressed air consumption, strong steady pressure.
  • Stamping pressure, temperature, hot pressing time is adjustable.
  • Worktable can be customized to move back and forth automatically, it is easy to facilitate safe and fast operation.
  • Worktable can swing around the center of rotation of the workpiece for rolling without slipping.
  • Automatic document feeder, collection, and adjustable. Taiwan OUTAI motor and it can be customized for Two-speed motor and high precision positioning
  • Equipped with photocell, which tries to locate the point of thermal transfer paper with precise tracking control.
  • The height of the lettering head is adjustable, stamping 300MM larger workpieces.
  • The work table level shuttle is using the wind to push the oil conversion device, the working mechanism drives the workpiece to rotate smoothly stamping, stamping stable quality.
  • The machine can be customized according to customer requirements horizontal, hydraulic, grinding cross table, two-speed winders, table plus rodless cylinder automatic access, roll-to-roll hot stamping, stamping irregular shaped product development, and so on.
  • Equipped with emergency stop safety devices to protect the safety of the operator.