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Through Sand Blasting Machine
Item No. - CKL 032
The through sand blasting machine is for the cookware's surface treatment. It removes the grease and wax from the cookware's surface.
  • PTSF series intelligent pass-through sandblasting machine is a product with multiple patents, which has reasonable structure, flexible configuration, advanced control and convenient installation.
  • Reliable and stable operation, high-end appearance. The comprehensive technical performance is far superior to similar products at home and abroad.
  • Rotary Spray Gun Module: Sandblasting effificiency increased by 30% with the same gas consumption
  • Electrical selection: Schneider, Siemens PLC with touch screen.
  • Crawler Conveyor: Super wear-resistant track life 3-5 years.
  • Machine materials: The key parts are made of manganese steel, with a weight of 5 tons