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Turntable Sand Blasting Machine
Item No. - CKL 031
The turntable sand blasting machine is for the cookware's surface treatment. It removes the grease and wax from the cookware's surface.
  • The designer has deeply extended and expanded the automatic loading and positioning technology of the product. The adjustment of the spray gun module is fast and effificient, the abrasive separation effificiency is extremely high, the dust removal meets the indoor fugitive emission standard, and the noise can be controlled to 720b. Intelligent sandblasting equipment that meets high quality requirements.
  • Servo / indexing plate positioning: automatic correction of positioning, high precision
  • Abrasive separation: realize precise separation of 120-36# abrasive
  • Electrical selection: Schneider Electric, Siemens PLC and touch screen
  • Intelligent control: the intelligent control system realizes the docking of the user's MES system